How to do it yourself - a business to business prospecting

Let’s face it, b2b prospecting is still the best channel for marketers out there. When done properly, it gives results fast and it converts faster than any other channel today. But it has become extremely difficult, and of course for a reason. There are a lot of “restrictions” when you do prospecting. There are a lot of legal regulations that you must pay attention to when you do prospecting.

Here in bSpec we have a huge team of b2b marketing experts, email content writers, and amazing developers that can handle your campaign instead of you — and you are left doing what you love doing, attend meetings, close deals and grow your firm. At the time of writing this article, in a period of a pandemic, our average positive rate is 3.83%. So, what that means in terms of numbers is that you will reactive 38.3 leads each month on average. And yes, we have a process and in-house technology that our experts use to deliver a constant result every time, forever.

Market Assessment and Targeting

Before each campaign, here at bSpec, we do a deep market evaluation based on your business model, so we can segment the market and create a market research report.

Legal Compliance

bSpec is compliant with all regulations and we can provide Business Prospecting services globally.

Source of Prospects


  • Easily found lists of prospects
  • Prospects usually have contact information that you can use

And the cons are:

  • Old or outdated prospect information
  • Reselling contacts

So let’s talk about the cons for a moment. What do we mean by “outdated contacts”? In the b2b sphere, outdated contact is a common thing. Because people tend to change jobs frequently these days, according to monster, people change jobs every 4.2 years and according to the USA Labor Statistics, that average is 4.1. According to these stats, 20% of the contacts are outdated in just 10 months and 40% in just 20 months.

Also, vendors tend to resell the same contacts to multiple buyers. If we speculate for a moment and say that the vendor sells the contact to at least 50 marketers, that means that that prospect has received 50 prospecting emails — and let’s be honest, not every email is so good that the prospect will want to receive it again and again, so the prospect will ask the administrator to change their email address, so again, we might end up with either frustrated prospect or invalid contact information.

bSpec doesn’t use vendors as a source of prospects because of the relevance of the contact details. In our experience, almost 55% of vendor data is outdated. We always use fresh data.

Social Media

bSpec uses social media and relevant search engines and other sources in acquiring prospect data. Because we’re obsessed with the relevance and freshness of the data, we do multi-point checks of every prospect before we contact them.

Email Finder

Here at bSpec we have our own in-house email finder tool, but we also use other 3 to check the validity of the data and source of the information.

Email Verifier

bSpec uses multiple email verifier services that are in our in-house systems in order to check the validity of the data.

Email Sending App

Here at bSpec we have an in-house system that does this for us. But the whole operation is overlooked and controlled by our marketing professionals.


For us at bSpec exclusion is a daily thing. We constantly update the exclusion and our systems flag the unsubscribers and the replies so our operations team can have a look and decide further actions.

Email Service Provider

Because of the uncertainty of our clients’ previous actions and how clean they kept their sending activities, we always use new ESP and a fresh domain.

Email Content

Here at bSpec we have professional content writers who write the content for our clients. They’re doing that daily and have vast experience of what type of subject line can increase open rates or what content in the body converts. Our dev team has created an AI that assists our content writers in writing the perfect copy. The AI flags “spam words” and it has a smart feature of writing Combos. Combos are permutations of several body copies that our systems do. This way we make sure every email sent is unique and they don’t look like templated emails but each has a unique content combo. Also, recently, we have integrated GPT-3 AI that helps our content writers write the ultimate content. Please note that we use AI only to assist our content writers — we never send a single email without previously being approved by the content writers — the emails we send are 121 and highly conversational.

Technical Setup

As a marketing/technology company, we employ dev guys who handle this instead of our clients. Also, we have a smart system that raises a flag if even a single setting is misconfigured.

Spam and Deliverability Check

So to check the misconfiguration, the one tool that I can recommend (and there are a lot of others) is It is very simple to use and it will take you a few seconds to find issues with your configuration. If you find some issues, please return to the previous steps and implement the issues that the mail tester addresses and repeat the test until you get a perfect score.

Then we need to make sure we don’t “burn” prospects. However, they all have 121 messages in their inbox. This is where we perform the so-called inbox placement test. Again, there are a lot of tools out there, but I can recommend which is free and relatively fast. If you notice that your content does not end up in the inbox, there can be a few problems that you can address:

  1. Return to the previous test mail tester and repeat
  2. Content is spammy — change the content
    IP reputation or domain reputation is very low — please use a tool like to check the problem with your IP or domain
  3. Your email sending app is flagged as a mass sender by the recipient ESP

Here at bSpec we have automated these tests, and we literally do hundreds of checks each day. It is very simple — the prospect must see the message in the inbox, there is no other alternative. We have our own tools that do spam and deliverability checks, but we have also integrated with at least 15 others — just to be sure we never miss the inbox.

Email Sending and Follow-ups

Our marketing operations team does all of this for our clients. They send emails on their behalf, follow up on no replies, reply to legal concerns, track replies, and a lot more.

Tracking and Analytics

Here at bSpec we have business intelligence professionals who, together with our marketing operation team, track and make decisions on how to improve the campaign. All data is open to our clients through BI report. We produce several live reports, which use the same source but are intended for different groups within our team, and one, very comprehensive report for our clients.

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